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Posted: October 2, 2014

HDtubeV1.6V16.09 is adware that affects well-known web browsers. HDtubeV1.6V16.09 shows pop-ups and advertisements while the user is browsing the Internet. HDtubeV1.6V16.09 is not as helpful as it claims to be. HDtubeV1.6V16.09 may appear on your computer after installing certain programs (often other PUPs) that are free, but in the end, make you pay in other ways. The payment may come when other programs such as PUPs and adware are added to the freeware's installation process. When the user installs the browser extension HDtubeV1.6V16.09, it starts displaying banners, pop-ups and advertisements that intend to trick the user into downloading questionable contents like toolbars, optimization products, etc.