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Posted: January 20, 2021

The name HelperService may sound like belonging to a useful system service or feature, but the truth is entirely different. This application is not legitimate, and you can rest assured that it is not a part of your operating system. It was probably brought to your computer through a software bundle, fake download, or misleading offer, which convinced you to download a non-trustworthy file. This might sound scary, but we assure you that HelperService is not threatening. This software does not exhibit harmful behavior. It may, however, bring some intrusive changes concerning your default Web browser.

The HelperService utility is available for macOS exclusively, and Windows users are unlikely to come across it. When HelperService is installed, it may modify your Web browser's settings so that you will end up being redirected to low-quality search engines whenever you perform certain actions like loading a new tab or trying to search the Web.

HelperService is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). It is not unsafe and its removal is not mandatory. However, if you wish to keep your Web browsing sessions free of unexpected redirects, we suggest removing HelperService using a suitable macOS security scanner.