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Posted: August 24, 2018

HidenGate is an application that claims it provides users with VPN functions deceptively. Upon initial inspection, HidenGate appears to be what it claims, but there are actions it may perform that categorize it as adware. It may install itself on affected computers automatically, tracking information and also displaying intrusive advertisements. This application may deliver various intrusive advertisements, coupons, banners and similar advertisements. The HidenGate developers used various tools that allow third-party graphical content to be used in their application.

Advertisements often overlay themselves on visited websites, thus loweringthe browsing quality. These advertisements may lead to compromised websites or even execute scripts that download and install malware or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP). Accidental clicks may result in more problems that users are advised to remove HidenGate from their systems as soon as possible. HidenGate also may gather various information types related to the browsing activities of the users, such as the URLs visited, IP addresses, pages viewed and so forth. The recorded data may be used to generate revenue by being sold to third parties.