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Posted: March 1, 2021

HistoryCollector is a piece of software running exclusively on macOS systems. You will not find an official website if you try searching for it online – this program is being propagated through fake downloads and updaters, low-quality software bundles and misleading advertisements or pop-ups. While the tricks used to spread HistoryCollector sound very suspicious, you should know that this software is not threatening. It will not cause harm if it is installed on your computer, but it may worsen your experience by modifying your browser's settings.

Some of the changes that HistoryCollector is known to bring are replacing the browser's new tab page or search engine with a 3rd-party search service or injecting extra advertisements in active Web browser sessions. Such behavior can be very intrusive and annoying, and you should always strive to remove the software responsible for it.

Typically, HistoryCollector can be found in the Finder -> Applications section of macOS, but uninstalling it from there might not be enough. This is because Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) like HistoryCollector may often hide their files in multiple hidden directories. To remove HistoryCollector efficiently, we suggest running a well-reviewed macOS security tool.