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History See

Posted: March 23, 2020

History See is a browser extension, which offers to provide its users with random historical facts every time they load up a new tab in their Web browser. However, the add-on achieves this by forcing you to use an alternative new tab page – in general, browser extensions that exhibit such behavior are frowned upon, especially when they do not offer any extra useful or irreplaceable features. While the historical facts that History See provides may be interesting to some of you, we would advise against using this extension – if however, you insist on being supplied history facts by it, then we assure you that it is perfectly safe to use History See.

If you are unhappy with the changes that History See brought to your Web browser, then we advise you to revert them by fully removing this add-on's components. It is possible to remove it manually, but our suggestion is to complete this task with the use of an updated PC security software suite.