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History Wipe Clean

Posted: July 27, 2020

History Wipe Clean is a Google Chrome extension that may be promoted via fake advertisements and pop-ups warning the users that their browsing history may be public – this statement is fake, and no one has access to your Web browser history. Unfortunately, the lies found in these pop-ups are successful when it comes to convincing users to install History Wipe Clean, an add-on that promises to help them keep their Web browsing history and private information. Users who install History Wipe Clean may soon realize that it offers no useful features and, instead, it applies changes to their Web browser's settings that lead to two issues:

  • The searches of the users are redirected through 3rd-party search pages before taking them to Yahoo Search.
  • Users may see unwanted notifications show up in their Web browser - History Wipe Clean grants shady sites the ability to use browser notifications to spam you with advertisements.

History Wipe Clean also may prove to be difficult to delete due to the measures it takes to make its changes persistent – often, removing the add-on through Chrome's extension manager is not enough to solve the issue. The best way to eliminate History Wipe Clean and reverse its changes is to use a suitable PC security application.