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Posted: December 21, 2018

The HoroscopeZone extension promises to provide the users with up-to-date information regarding all zodiac signs. While this might sound useful, we would not advise you to rely on 3rd-party browser add-ons for information of this sort – you would be better off using a free online horoscope service that does not ask you to install any questionable software.

We would like to assure our readers that using the HoroscopeZone is safe perfectly since this add-on is not classified as harmful. However, its installer is known to bring potentially unwanted changes to the configuration of popular Web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Users of the former might be asked to allow the HoroscopeZone to replace their default search aggregator, while Mozilla Firefox users might end up being asked to replace both their new tab page and search engine. The Web pages that the HoroscopeZone attempts to promote are found at feed.horoscope-zone.com and portal.horoscope-zone.com.

If you have installed the HoroscopeZone and you are not happy with the changes it made, then you should take the demanded steps to remove it either manually or with the help of a specialized PC security tool. Usually, the removal of the HoroscopeZone should be enough to revert the changes it made, but in some cases, the users might need to set their new tab and search engine back to their normal values manually.