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'How to Fix Common Zoom Problems'

Posted: January 11, 2021

The Zoom video conferencing application's popularity has skyrocketed over the past year because many companies and educational institutions around the world started using it during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the application is bug-free relatively, it is still possible that many users might experience problems with the Zoom videoconferencing application. If you need to use this application regularly, then we suggest these tips on how to fix common Zoom problems, which you may encounter while using this software:

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If you are failing to connect to a Zoom meeting, then there might be several sources of the issue. One of the common error IDs associated with this problem is identified with the code 1001307000. If your Zoom application is not connecting to meetings, you should start by checking for issues with your Internet connection – make sure to disable VPN and check if you can visit websites.

In some cases, the configuration of your firewall, anti-virus software, or router may prevent you from connecting to Zoom meetings successfully. You should consider disabling the firewall and anti-virus temporarily to see if the connection issue is fixed.

The last effort to try and fix Zoom connectivity issues is to update your network adapter's driver. You can do this via automated driver maintenance tools or fetching the driver update manually.

Zoom Screen Share Does Not Work

Screen share is a useful Zoom feature that is needed on many occasions. However, some users report that the feature does not work at all for them. It is likely that this problem is owed to insufficient CPU resources – outdated computer hardware may not have the performance required to run this feature. Furthermore, the problem may be owed to outdated video drivers – you should try updating them if the Zoom Screen Share feature is not working.

Zoom Does Not Launch

If Zoom is failing to launch, then this problem might have been caused by a recent update or a problem with a corrupted file. The best way to troubleshoot this problem is to uninstall Zoom and then install a new copy from the application's official website. If this does not fix it, then you may need to try to disable 3rd-party Zoom plug-ins.

Zoom Camera Not Working

If Zoom is not showing the output from your camera, it might fail to detect it, or your Web camera might be having connection issues. The crucial thing to check is if your Web camera is connected and enabled – see if it shows up in your list of active Windows devices.

If the camera is connected and still not working, then you should consider updating its drivers. Web cameras can often not be used by more than one application, so you should be certain that it is not being utilized by another popular application like Discord, Skype or another.

Zoom Has No Audio

If Zoom is not accessing your microphone, or you are not hearing other speakers, then your audio devices might be misconfigured. Select the up-facing arrow next to the 'Microphone' in Zoom and then make sure to select the appropriate devices under the tabs 'Select a Microphone' and 'Select a Speaker.'