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Posted: September 2, 2019

Hqwar is the name of an Android Banking Trojan that is best known for being the signature hacking tool used in the operations of the TipTop hackers, a crime group believed to originate from Russia. The good news is that the TipTop organization's illicit activities have been put to a halt thanks to the joint efforts of security researchers and the Russian authorities. However, this certainly does not mean that the Hqwar Android Banking Trojan is out of the game – it is still likely to be used by many other criminals due to its support for a broad range of mobile banking applications and websites.

Hqwar may Be Able to Bypass Two-Factor Authentication

The primary features of the Hqwar Banking Trojan are its ability to record phone calls and operate with the phone's SMS feature, therefore allowing the attackers potentiallyto bypass two-factor authentication. However, its main purpose is to imitate the interface of popular banking applications, therefore tricking the victim into unknowingly providing their bank profile login credentials.

The Hqwar Trojan is used almost exclusively in the Russia region since it supports the most popular banks and payment platforms in Russia. However, copies of it have also been identified in other countries, so it is likely that its capabilities might be extended to support different platforms. The TipTop hackers rely on fake application downloads and social engineering techniques to get users to install a fake program that was meant to initialize the Hqwar on their Android device.

Hqwar is Used in Russia Mainly

Attacks carried out by Android Banking Trojans are very difficult to spot by the average user since there is nothing to hint that they are about to provide cybercriminals with their login credentials. The best way to ensure that you will not suffer from Hqwar's (or a similar threat) attack is to use a sophisticated Android anti-malware application that receives regular updates.