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Posted: March 26, 2018

IdleBuddy is a piece of software which does not appear to serve any valuable purpose. According to its official website, users should install it in order to allow this tool to use their computer's resources whenever they are not needed for anything else. The statement of IdleBuddy's publisher continues by stating that the processing power will be used to solve complex equations and problems, but they do not say what's the purpose of all this. The last paragraph of their statement says that users of IdleBuddy should expect a reward system soon, but this is certainly not a good reason to opt to install IdleBuddy.

Despite all of the things listed on this utility's website, the truth is that IdleBuddyis a cryptocurrency miner which will use your computer's resources to mine for various crypto coins such as Monero, DASH, and others. The worst part is that this won't happen when your PC is idling and, instead, IdleBuddy will use your hardware constantly, therefore greatly diminishing the computer's overall performance.

Since IdleBuddy offers nothing of value and its installation is likely to only cause trouble, we advise our readers to stay as far away as possible from this dubious application. If you suspect that IdleBuddy was installed on your computer without you knowing, then you should run a credible anti-malware tool since they also specialize in the removal of Trojan miners, potentially unwanted programs, and other low-level threats like IdleBuddy.