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Posted: February 18, 2014

Threat Metric

Ranking: 2,984
Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 899
First Seen: February 18, 2014
Last Seen: January 6, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 is a heuristic detection for threatening programs that trigger AVG's anti-spyware defenses, which collectively are known as Identity Protection. Although Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 does have a confirmed history of initiating fraudulent financial transactions, Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 also is strongly related to Bitcoin miners and a variety of attacks that may cause poor system performance. Malware researchers find it best to treat Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 like all other high-level threats, mandating the immediate use of anti-malware solutions for deleting Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 and related threats. Manual deletion methods and even some low-level anti-malware features may be insufficient for removing Idp.program.d1b0a5c0, which is known for its resistance of simple deletion routines.

The PC Slowdown that Precedes a PC-Based Robbery

Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 is an alert that can be applied to more than one type of spyware, but always is related to threats that strive to purloin privileged data from your computer. Common efforts at thievery involve attempted attacks against credit card information, bank accounts or general identity-related information, and Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 often is involved in campaigns that attempt to initiate illicit financial transactions. Spyware like Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 isn't well-known for delivering major symptoms, and malware researchers have found Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 hiding its components by naming them after normal system files, including Svchost.exe.

Of late, Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 attacks also have had a particularly strong association with a second type of threat: non-consensual BitCoin miners. Although BitCoin miners, used to validate the BitCoin digital currency, aren't always threatening, they may be installed by persons who are interested in using your PC for fattening their own digital wallets. As expected, malware researchers have noted that substantial system slowdowns often accompany Idp.program.d1b0a5c0's BitCoin miners, which Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 will reinstall if you attempt to remove them.

Slowing Down an Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 Stealing Spree

Individual Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 attacks may show some minor variations from the standard characteristics, but Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 always is a high-level threat, and may try to block any attempts to delete Idp.program.d1b0a5c0. Malware researchers also found it to be worth noting that there have been a minority of incidents involving multiple instances of Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 on a single PC, which may indicate that an offshoot of Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 has included worm-based self-copying functions. Blocking worms primarily is an issue for network security features and appropriate security protocols for the use of removable devices (USB sticks, memory cards, etc.).

Removing Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 and any other threat installed by Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 is a critical step in keeping both your wallet and your PC secure, and malware experts recommend acting to do so without even the smallest of delays. Robust and updated anti-malware programs are recommended for getting rid of Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 in its entirety, along with the multiple BitCoin miners Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 so often installs.

In some cases, other programs are detected as Idp.program.d1b0a5c0, such as CharityEngine. You should use your own discernment to decide whether or not an unusual Idp.program.d1b0a5c0 alert has any legitimacy, and feel free to white list programs that you are certain are safe.

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