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Image Seeker

Posted: June 25, 2020

Image Seeker is an intrusive browser extension whose installation may bring undesired changes to your Web browser's settings and behavior. It is s must-do to note that Image Seeker is by no means unsafe – the worst it does is to replace your default new tab page and search engine with Image-seeker.com. This website works like a simple search engine that emphasizes image-related search results – the usefulness of this feature is questionable. It seems that the majority of its searches end up redirecting users to Bing.com.

If you recall installing the Image Seeker add-on recently and are not happy with the changes it introduced, then we advise you to remove it from your computer. Since Image Seeker is not a security concern, you can uninstall it manually through your Web browser's add-on manager. If, however, you want to be 100% certain that all of Image Seeker's components are gone for good, then we suggest that you accomplish the task with the use of a suitable PC security scanner.