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iMedia Start

Posted: January 17, 2017

The iMedia Start is a Web browser extension that claims to improve productivity and provide users with entertainment by suggesting relevant online media content. However, users who install the iMedia Start browser extension may be disappointed to find out that this content is only accessible if they opt to preserve the new tab page that the iMedia Start sets. This new tab page features a search engine, quick links to popular Web destinations, time and weather widgets, and a weird Facebook feed that features some popular Facebook publications. Overall, all of this information is not that interesting, and the features that the iMedia Start offers can be replaced by the already present browser bookmarks, Windows Time Toolbar, and more credible weather widgets easily.

The search engine hosted on iMedia Start's page also may provide a large number of sponsored ads alongside the legitimate search results, therefore exposing visitors to affiliated products and services that the iMedia Start or their advertising partners aim to promote. The good news is that neither the pages that the iMedia Start promotes nor the extension itself are suspicious or harmful. Using them will not expose you to harmful software or content, but it may degrade your Web browsing experience slightly if you prefer to use another search engine and new tab page.

Users who are not happy with the iMedia Start's features and unwanted changes are welcomed to remove the software from their computers. Since the iMedia Start is identified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), it's removal does not need to be carried out with the help of computer security software necessarily. Manually uninstalling this application is possible, but if you don't wish to be bothered with this, you can rest assured that a good anti-malware utility will get the job done in a matter of minutes.