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iMesh Music Box Toolbar

Posted: November 18, 2013

Threat Metric

Ranking: 12,353
Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 614
First Seen: November 18, 2013
Last Seen: August 30, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

iMesh Music Toolbar or iMesh Music Box Toolbar is a Potentially Unwanted Program that is bundled with the iMesh music-downloading program. Although iMesh Music Toolbar isn't a threat, iMesh Music Toolbar may modify your browser to redirect you to iMesh-affiliated websites and is needlessly difficult to fully uninstall from your computer. Music fans who want to find new ways to expand their collection should be particularly careful around installers for iMesh, which may include iMesh Music Toolbar or other PUPs. In the event of its installation, deleting iMesh Music Toolbar with a reliable anti-malware product is something malware researchers would recommend in most circumstances – no matter what your feelings are about the associated iMesh program.

A Music Box Opening to Reveal Some Web-Browsing Surprises

iMesh Music Toolbar is a toolbar that provides the questionable utility of setting your default homepage and search engine to iMesh-affiliated domains. Although iMesh websites don't endanger your browser purposefully, the browser hijacks associated with iMesh Music Toolbar may control your browsing habits without any beneficial justification, and malware experts generally advise against trusting third parties that attempt to implement these changes in direct contrast to your normal browser settings. As with most toolbars associated with major brand products, iMesh Music Toolbar may be installed in a bundle with its flagship product: in the case of iMesh Music Toolbar, this is iMesh, a legal music-sharing program.

Malware researchers haven't categorized iMesh Music Toolbar as a threat, but it's considered Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), and it also may be installed along with other forms of adware, PUPs or browser hijackers. The side effects of this program invariably are detrimental to the stability, ease of use and safety of your Web browser, regardless of which brand of browser you prefer. iMesh Music Toolbar is confirmed to be compatible with most major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Closing a Box with More Trouble Than Benefits

Like the Pandora's box of myth, iMesh Music Toolbar may include some minor benefits, but primarily is a box full of Web-browsing troubles that should be considered disadvantageous to your computer. The iMesh company does provide some instructions for uninstalling PUPs related to its main program, but malware researchers recommend using anti-malware products for the most certainty in undoing iMesh Music Toolbar's changes to your browser. As usual for such cases, changing your homepage or search engine settings from your browser will not have any effect as long as iMesh Music Toolbar still is installed.

The iMesh Music Toolbar usually will not be installed without the iMesh music-distributing program, which uses consensual installation methods. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers continue to urge PC users to be thorough about examining installation options whenever they're dealing with new or unfamiliar applications.

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