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Posted: May 31, 2018

ImpaqSpeed is an Internet speed test tool, which is distributed by Melasys LLC, a fairly unknown company, which does not appear to be linked to any other software products. The design of ImpaqSpeed's website look well-made and this might mislead users into thinking that they are about to install a high-quality product but, in reality, ImpaqSpeed is an ad-supported Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) whose installation is likely to lead to annoying consequences.

While ImpaqSpeed does work as expected, you do not need a stand-alone application to test your Internet speed, especially when the application in question is likely to expose you to online advertisements that will bother you whenever you browse the Web. If you want to stay informed on your Internet speed, you should look into the countless of online speed test services that can be used without the installation of 3rd-party software.

Users who are happy with ImpaqSpeed and don't mind the advertisements it displays are welcome to continue using the tool since it is not harmful. However, if you dislike the increased number of advertisements that came with ImpaqSpeed's installation, then we suggest that you proceed to remove this PUP as soon as possible.