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Posted: January 27, 2021

InitialProgram is an intrusive and non-trustworthy application working on macOS devices exclusively. While macOS systems are usually praised for their security, cybercriminals and online con artists have been eyeing macOS users for a long time. Nowadays, there is plenty of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) adware and even high-profile malware, which can infect Apple's infamous operating system. The InitialProgram, thankfully, is not a threatening application. However, having it on your system may result in unexpected and intrusive changes to your Web browser's configuration.

Users will not find an official download page or website for InitialProgram and, instead, they are likely to come across this app by accident. This happens because InitialProgram is spread online via software bundles, deceptive advertisements and other shady techniques. Once InitialProgram is up and running, it will try to hide its file deep into system folders and ensure persistence by making changes to the macOS 'Launch Daemon' and 'Device Profile' modules.

InitialProgram's changes usually concern the system Web browser – this PUP may try to change the standard new tab page and search engine with a low-quality website. If you are experiencing unexplained changes of this sort, then we suggest that you check your system for InitialProgram or similar PUPs with the use of a suitable macOS security tool.