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‘InstantSupport’ Pop-Ups

Posted: October 19, 2015

If you notice blue pop-ups by InstantSupport that offer you technical support, you may be in trouble. These notifications state that there are some cyber threats in the PC of the user. The alerts also may claim that there are various errors or missing files on the operating system. In all cases, these security warnings are unreliable and deceitful. Their one and only function is to make you call a particular phone number for assistance. If you dial 888-693-5841, however, you will not get in touch with a team of qualified technicians that can help you resolve many computer-related issues. The InstantSupport pop-ups are a part of a tactic that is known as fake technical support. The people answering the phone will only pretend to help you. They will assure you they will clean your PC from all unwanted applications. In exchange, they will ask you to pay them a few hundred dollars. You should never agree to send any money to such unverified technicians because otherwise you will just lose your funds.

The InstantSupport pop-ups may become pretty annoying to you because they are not part of a particular webpage. Instead, they are created by a highly questionable extension that may have entered automatically. As a result, you may face the same bogus security warnings on a regular basis, which can make you think something is indeed wrong. This plugin may be part of executable files of third-party freeware. Unless you conduct the installation process through the 'Advanced' menu that would allow you to deselect this suspicious addition, it may get access joining the main program. InstantSupport, by itself, will not cause system damage. However, seeing the same misleading pop-ups again and again may be pretty annoying, so you should use a powerful anti-malware application to delete InstantSupport.