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Posted: June 10, 2020

InterfaceSample is the name of a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) that shares some standard features with both adware and browser hijackers. InterfaceSample can display unwanted advertisements on the affected system, as well as modify browser settings and promote fake search engines to its victim.

Once installed on the system, InterfaceSample will change your default Safari browser search to redirect the search queries through Safe Finder. InterfaceSample also will install itself in a dedicated folder on the Mac it infects and will show up as a browser extension inside Safari.

The user’s experience also may be disrupted by unsolicited advertisements that InterfaceSample will display. Unwanted software also can collect information about a user’s browsing habits and search query history, which can be a privacy issue. The collected data may be shared or re-sold to third parties, which makes the matter even more severe.

To avoid getting similar malware, it is recommended to keep an up-to-date, fully-featured anti-malware suite installed at all times, even if malware affecting Mac systems is not as abundant and common as malware for other OS kinds of PCs.