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IObyte System Care

Posted: May 29, 2020

IObyte System Care is an all-in-one system care utility that promises to provide its user with the ability to check their system for potential fixes and optimizations to performance and stability quickly, as well as with the chance to run a quick malware scanner that will make sure that there are no threats running on their computers. When users install and run the IObyte System Care, they will be able to run a full system scan that will generate a report with the recommended fixes and changes – however, if the users wish to complete the last step of the process, they will be asked to purchase a full license fo the IObyte System Care. This is not a problem as well since many software suites use this monetization scheme to provide their users with a trial before prompting them to make a purchase.

The problem with IObyte System Care is that it may increase the number of reported issues artificially, and then try to convince the user that some of these 'issues' are very serious when, in reality, they are not a problem at all. For example, the IObyte System Care's scans may often report flawed Registry entries as issues with 'medium severity' – this is misleading as these flawed Registry keys have any impact on performance or stability rarely.

If you opt to pay for IObyte System Care's license, you will end up unlocking all of the IObyte System Care features and enable you to apply the recommended optimizations and fixes – however, you are unlikely to notice an impressive performance gain.

If the IObyte System Care is present on your computer, then you should keep in mind that its recommendations may not be as important as the software makes them out to be. If you are not keen on purchasing the full product, then we suggest that you remove this Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) either manually or with the use of a suitable PC security scanner.