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Posted: November 26, 2015

iPadian is a program that may initially seem handy to some PC users. It is promoted as a reliable iOS Simulator for the Windows Operating Systems (OSs). Supposedly, the purpose of this software is to allow its clients to run Mac applications on the Windows platforms. However, iPadian doesn't function as its developers claim. Installing it may be a big mistake because iPadian is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Unlike some other PUPs that are simply annoying, this one may cause serious problems. Some users report that the operating speed of the PC may drop significantly after the downloaded of this highly suspicious iOS emulator. iPadian also may interfere with Web clients. This PUP may insert large quantities of commercial materials in some browsers that may be pop-ups, banners and interstitial ads. Some of your Internet clients may be unable to launch at all. When you know that iPadian is very far from a legitimate program, you should not expect its partners to be safe. The ads by this PUP may take you to suspicious parts of the Web, which may cause system damage. You should know that iPadian may rely on the bundling method heavily. If you download this suspicious simulator from its official site, it will attempt to bring other dubious tools in your PC. The experts have managed to link iPadian with other PUPs, adware, and even threatening applications. The full version of this unreliable program costs $10, and everything indicates that it is also a hoax. The majority of people who have iPadian report that they face various errors when they try to delete it. This application may spread its files in various locations to remain as long as possible. It is important to use an advanced anti-malware product in order to delete this PUP permanently and fix your machine.

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