'Ipasta' Chrome Extension by Whosopher.com

'Ipasta' Chrome Extension by Whosopher.com Description

The 'Add Extension to Leave' Pop-Ups have become a rather popular method used to distribute browser add-ons, which may seem important to install. However, they usually are programmed not to help the user but, instead, to carry out their operations silently, which are meant to assist the publisher by either monetizing their ads or bringing more traffic to their websites. The 'Ipasta' Chrome Extension by Whosopher.com is one of the latest examples of a browser add-on spread via these techniques and, as expected, its installation is likely to bring nothing but trouble. Below our readers can find a list of other recently discovered extensions that are part of the 'Add Extension to Leave' Pop-Ups campaign:

  • '3D Triforce' Chrome Extension by Pro.3dtriforce.top
  • 'Bitcoins to live Chrome Extension by Erkan-ok.org
  • 'Coefficient of Variation' Chrome Extension by Pro.variation.top
  • 'Color mixer' Extension by Colormixer.me
  • 'Dentesk' Chrome Extension by Teskden.pro
  • 'EclecticButtons' Chrome Extension by Eclecticbuttons.com
  • 'Edgydpower' Chrome Extension by Edgedpower.com
  • 'Eng-Vi' Chrome Extension by 87421s2c4.trade
  • 'Find Favorite' Chrome Extension by Los.gzldjj.com
  • 'Finglish' Chrome Extension by 1365scc.trade
  • The 'Ipasta' Chrome Extension by Whosopher.com
  • 'June Web Companion' Chrome Extension by Sanogo.club
  • 'Magnitude' Chrome Extension by Fssysh.com
  • 'MenaCel' Chrome Extension by Acmenel.pro
  • 'MyCangKus' Chrome Extension by Plsdsc.com
  • 'Omnibus Reis' Chrome Extension by S3.amazonaws.com
  • 'Pick' Chrome Extension by Ismetofu.com
  • 'Pixel Sorter' Chrome Extension by Pro.pixelsorter.top
  • 'Player X' Chrome Extension by Teskden.pro
  • 'Vannevar' Chrome Extension by Asusfix.win
  • 'Web Search' Chrome Extension by Lpdespacito.com
  • 'WebSnapper' Chrome Extension by Kmsdjc.ru
  • 'GoIndicator' Chrome Extension by 1365scc.trade
  • 'Snituo22' Chrome Extension by Snitou.com
  • 'Tank Runner' Chrome Extension by Zjsbsj.com
  • 'Derey' Chrome Extension by Smumi.club

Remember that you should never install browser add-ons or software that is advertised as 'mandatory' by unknown websites. The only special case will be if you are certain that the website making the offer is legitimate. And, even then, we would advise you to use your anti-virus software suite to ensure that there is nothing shady going on.

If it's too late to prevent the installation of the 'Ipasta' Chrome Extension by Whosopher.com or any of the other extensions listed above, then it is in your best interest to take immediate measures to uninstall the dubious extension(s) from your Web browser. This task can be completed either manually or with the help of a credible cyber security scanning tool.

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Posted: September 28, 2017
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