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Posted: August 21, 2012

Isearch.babylon.com is a search engine-based sub-domain of Babylon.com, a website that promotes free translation software. While these services might sound harmless, Isearch.babylon.com has been associated with a browser hijacker. Because browser hijackers and other PC threats associated with Isearch.babylon.com are resistant to standard removal methods, you should be prepared to delete Isearch.babylon.com-related PC threats with anti-malware software if you find your browser headed to Isearch.babylon.com without your consent. Browser hijackers for Isearch.babylon.com, like most forms of malware from their classification, tend to be installed as optional accessories that are included with other applications.

Isearch.babylon.com: Building On a Foundation of Unwilling Visitors

As was the case with previous sub-domains of babylon.com, such as Search.babylon.com, Isearch.babylon.com attempts to pass itself off as a good search engine but falls somewhat short of the mark. Search results by Isearch.babylon.com are highly likely to contain irrelevant results, additional advertisements or links to sites that host dangerous content, while the toolbar and browser hijacker that's associated with Isearch.babylon.com is resistant to removal methods, unlike reputable add-ons. SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend avoiding contact with Isearch.babylon.com and other babylon.com-related sites, since the vast majority of users report negative experiences, no matter how much Isearch.babylon.com looks like Google superficially.

However, keeping far from Isearch.babylon.com will be problematic if you've installed Isearch.babylon.com's related Babylon toolbar, which redirects your browser to Isearch.babylon.com via standard exploits. Redirects to Isearch.babylon.com may replace your homepage, your attempts to use any other search engines or even attempts to navigate to completely different websites. Attempting to use standardized methods to disable or delete the toolbar that's causing the Isearch.babylon.com redirects will allow the browser hijacker-related components to remain on your PC and can even risk system instability, which is why SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend that you use anti-malware scans instead.

How to Keep Isearch.babylon.com from Being Your Browser's Best Friend

Isearch.babylon.com-promoting browser hijackers usually are distributed along with other programs. SpywareRemove.com malware research team has taken particular note of Isearch.babylon.com-related PC threats being distributed with some installations of Firefox, which is, incidentally, the primary browser to be afflicted with Isearch.babylon.com redirects (although other browsers aren't immune). Close attention to installation procedures and avoiding downloads from third-party sources should be viable strategies for avoiding infection vectors for Isearch.babylon.com-related PC threats and similar PUPs.

Browser hijackers for Isearch.babylon.com have also been noted for their characteristic usage of excessive system resources and monitoring of online activities, such as which websites you visit. While these attacks haven't been noted to extend to stealing passwords or other types of highly-private information, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers are, nonetheless, forced to note that Isearch.babylon.com-related browser hijackers still are considered a low-level form of spyware.

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