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Posted: October 11, 2019

Jsecoin is a cryptocurrency mining service that works by planting a piece of JavaScript code on any website. The service may be used by reputable pages, which inform visitors that their computer will be used to perform crypto currency mining operations, but it may also be planted on sites that do not display any notification at all. Having a website utilizing your hardware resources to mine for a cryptocurrency (in this case, Monero) may not look like a big issue, but you may experience severe performance issues due to this activity. Cryptocurrency miners tend to utilize nearly all of the available processing power of the computer, therefore ensuring that they will be as efficient as possible – this may leave other applications and services with not enough hardware resources to run properly.

The Jsecoin Web-Based Miner may Have an Adverse Impact on Your Computer's Performance

The Jsecoin miner is very similar to the CoinHive Cryptojacking campaign that was spread in 2018 widely – both of them utilize almost identical JavaScript code, and their end-goal is the same. All of the Monero coins mined via the visitor's computer will be automatically sent to a cryptocurrency wallet owned by the holder of the website, or the actor who planted the Jsecoin miner. It is not uncommon for cybercriminals to plant Web-based cryptocurrency miners on websites that they have compromised previously – this allows them to harvest the hardware resources of users who would never suspect that one of the websites they use is used in a crypto-jacking campaign.

The good news is that the Jsecoin Cryptojacking campaign is not able to plant any files on your computer – in fact, all crypto mining activity will be terminated as soon as you leave the page hosting the corrupted script. Currently, it appears that websites running the Jsecoin miner are spread in India, Nigeria, Canada, and the United States widely. However, the Jsecoin miner is being used in many other regions too.

Avoiding websites that have the Jsecoin script on running on them is easier than you might think – investing in a reputable anti-malware software suite should ensure that you will be notified whenever you visit a page that has a cryptocurrency mining script planted on it. By staying away from such pages, you can avoid wasting your computer's processing power, and your hardware will not be used to generate profit for others.

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