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Posted: March 1, 2016

KelticTurners is an adware extension whose installation may cause a broad range of problems that concern your Web browser. If KelticTurners is allowed to attach itself to a Web browser, the extension may start to inject numerous advertisements, pop-ups, and other types of advertising content in all active Web browser windows. The KelticTurners ads may prevent you from viewing parts of the website you visit, and they may sometimes promote suspicious Web pages, content and applications. If you notice the presence of 'KelticTurners Ads' in your Web browser, you should remember not to follow any of the links that this adware promotes.

Apart from injecting unwanted advertisements, KelticTurners also may use a tracking cookie to keep an eye on the Web browsing habits of users. These tracking cookies may collect information about search queries, online shopping preferences, frequently visited Web pages, and other browsing information that may help advertisers improve the quality of their ads.

This adware can't be downloaded from an official Web page; KelticTurners may rely entirely on software bundling for its distribution. Software bundling is a technique commonly used by the publishers of freeware and shareware programs because it may allow them to make money by offering their users to install 3rd-party applications like KelticTurners. The installation of KelticTurners isn't threatening, but this browser extension may diminish your Web browsing experience significantly, and that's why we recommend its immediate removal.