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Kingdom Extension Ads

Posted: December 18, 2015

Kingdom Extension is a Web add-on that may have an unfavorable impact on your browsers. This tool may serve only one function, which is to inject additional commercial materials in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The ads that you may encounter after Kingdom Extension's entrance are mainly pop-ups, banners and animations. Sometimes you may notice highlighted words that act as hyperlinks. If your mouse cursor goes on top of them, it may activate a pop-up. Kingdom Extension also may place video materials somewhere in the sites or in a window that appears before you view the page. As another way to boost the traffic towards its partners, this adware may substitute your preset homepage with some unreliable search engine. The new starting site may bring manipulated results, so you should avoid it. Most of the sites that Kingdom Extension promotes are shopping platforms. For this reason, the majority of ads that you encounter may be vouchers, discounts and other seemingly beneficial offers. The advertised products may not be random because the adware may read your browsing history to adjust them. However, some of the pop-ups by Kingdom Extension may suggest you install some unreliable or potentially threatening software. It is safest not to click on the marketing elements because, in rare cases, they may open corrupt pages. Most of the PC users who see the ads by Kingdom Extension have no clue how the plugin entered. It relies primarily on a confusing method called bundling. In case you load freeware without paying attention to the details, you may install it involuntarily. Once it settles in, the removal procedure may be difficult, so you should use a credible security solution.