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Posted: January 7, 2016

Knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info is a misleading Web page that offers non-existent supermarket vouchers to its visitors. The main reason for the existence of this site is to trick PC users into sharing their email addresses and phone numbers, which may later be used in spam campaigns. The domain is closely related to a browser hijacker. This cyber parasite works similarly to ordinary Web add-ons, but there are certain notable differences. First of all, this extension may not be among the applications that you download voluntarily. Knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info may use various mechanisms to sneak into the PC without your knowledge. The browser hijacker behind knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info may be introduced to your system by other programs, which license is typically free of charge. To keep the unwanted components of the bundle away, you should set up new applications via the 'Custom' guide and unmark them manually. The second difference between this browser hijacker and the legit add-ons is that Knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info may cause various automatic changes that will benefit third-parties and not you. For example, the tool may make knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info the homepage of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info also may load the misleading site at every opportunity – for example, when you open new tabs. The site has different language versions. Since Knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info may detect the IP of the visitors, may see it in your native language. Knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info may ask you a few simple questions: whether you are a man or a woman, what is your favorite browser, etc. Knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info says that you need to answer them to receive supermarket coupons for €50 or $50. However, the rewards don't exist in reality. During the final step, you will be asked to type your email address, which may be a big mistake. The browser hijackers, unlike regular extensions, are hard to remove. You should delete the parasite behind knxzz.exclusiverewards.hyes.info with a credible security solution.