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Koda Koala

Posted: April 11, 2018

The Koda Koala is a search add-on for Google Chrome, which promises to provide its users with access to a new and enhanced search page that can help them find the most relevant results online, as well as access a variety of features that can enhance their browsing experience. Unfortunately, few of the Koda Koala's promises are truthful, and the only noticeable change that its users are likely to observe is the introduction of a new website that will be used as both the default new tab page and default search aggregator – Search.kodakoala.com.

While using the search settings that the Koda Koala introduces is not unsafe, the website promoted by the Koda Koala extension might not work as reliably as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckgo or other reputable search aggregators. The search results you receive via the Koda Koala might often include sponsored links, advertisements, or other irrelevant content that could've been avoided by using a trustworthy search engine.

If you have added the Koda Koala to your Web browser and you are not happy with the alterations it brought, then we suggest that you proceed to remove this software as soon as possible. The removal of the Koda Koala is not mandatory since this add-on is not harmful, but it is the recommended course of action if you wish to keep your Web browser free of intrusive add-ons that force you to use unknown websites. One way to get rid of the Koda Koala is by using your Web browser's add-on manager, but you also can take care of the Koda Koala's removal with the help of a trustworthy and up-to-date PC security software suite.