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Posted: June 9, 2020

Kreberisec is the name of a piece of adware specialized in sending out countless advertisements from all over the Web. Since they are mostly uncalled for, this adware may be considered a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA). So far, Kreberisec has been affecting macOS rather than Windows-based machines.

Unlike the vast majority of potentially unwanted adware, which cares about the nature of the advertisements rarely, Kreberisec seems to have specialized in offering discount e-trade coupons. As useful as it may sound at first, there's a caveat — the discounts you'll get eventually will not refer to the popular online shops we have all got used to necessarily. Rather, they will redirect you to adult-oriented sites, rogue software URLs and other suspicious-looking places on the Web. You will know that the Kreberisec adware is responsible for sending out the advertisements because you will see its name on every pop-up, in-text, and banner that happens to show up on your desktop, often impeding your browsing experience. So, if you see any of the signatures

  • Ads by Kreberisec;
  • Brought to you by Kreberisec
  • Powered by Kreberisec
  • Ads powered by Kreberisec
  • Advertisements by Kreberisec

and the likes, you should know that the guys behind Kreberisec most probably have a vested monetary interest in bombarding you with those advertisements. Needless to say, their interest does not align with yours.

Similar to other pieces of adware in circulation, Kreberisec can be quite sneaky when it comes to the way it lands on PCs. Most users will not know they've got it until Kreberisec-powered pop-ups and/or banners start flooding their browsers. Considering that adware applications usually come in software bundles in the form of optional drive-by downloads, they often end up installed on a PC along with the software they were bundled with in the first place. Unless you always go for a custom installation, which allows you to sift through the software components proposed in the bundle, you run the risk of letting your PC become cluttered with applications and tools you don't need.

Once in, Kreberisec will do its best to make sure its advertisements will reach you. In this respect, it may go as far as changing the default settings of your browsers while keeping you in the dark. Kreberisec will:

  • Promote a proprietary search engine littered with the pop-ups mentioned above
  • Lead you to fake sites disguised to look like the websites you visit regularly
  • Try to smuggle additional software into your machine.

The potential risks associated with the Kreberisec adware outweigh the benefits it pretends to provide significantly. That is why you would be better of removing it from your Mac altogether. To get rid of Kreberisec, however, you will have to remove the Kreberisec application from your 'Applications' list first. Second, you will need to uninstall the Kreberisec extension from your Web browser. Last but not least, you may need to reset your browser to its factory settings and start anew. Alternatively, if you don't wish to go through the hassle of doing all that, you may let a reputable anti-malware program help you out.

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