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Posted: March 18, 2021

Liveads.net is a website, which specializes in displaying fraudulent alerts, information, and pop-ups. Typically, Liveads.net's messages aim to convince the user to provide the website with extra permissions, which allow it to perform extra tasks such as to display notifications in their Web browser. Of course, Liveads.net uses these permissions to deliver unlimited advertisements, which is guaranteed to worsen your Web browsing experience. On top of this, Liveads.net may show ads claiming that your phone or computer is infected by several viruses or that you have won an amazing price that needs to be claimed – these statements are fake, and you should not trust Liveads.net at all.

If you see Liveads.net while browsing the Web, you should ignore this page's contents completely, even if they sound somewhat legitimate. Furthermore, users who see Liveads.net notifications in their browser should take the necessary measures to disable the permissions of this website.