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'Your Mac is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' Pop-Ups

Posted: March 21, 2019

The 'Your Mac is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups are fraudulent Web browser messages that are meant to mislead users into thinking that their Mac computer has been infected by dangerous viruses. The sole purpose of the misleading pop-ups is to get users to download a Mac security tool that will supposedly eliminate the problem and keep their computers protected. However, malware researchers have found that the software promoted by the 'Your Mac is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by multiple security product vendors. The application in question is called ‘Mac-Tweak-Pro,’ and you can rest assured that it is not the right action if you are looking for a reliable security tool.

Encountering the 'Your Mac is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups in your Web browser might turn out to be a stressful experience because the pages meant to host these pop-ups may often utilize devious tricks to make it seem as if your browser is not behaving correctly – you may not be able to access other tabs, and it might be difficult to get rid of the 'Your Mac is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' Pop-Ups. Furthermore, the page may play an automated voice message that is certain to startle some visitors.

Remember that you should never download programs that were promoted to you by dodgy websites. In addition to this, please note that Web browser pop-ups are never a reliable source of information regarding your computer’s health and security, and pop-ups that claim to have details about this are up to no good certainly. If you have installed the ‘Mac-Tweak-Pro’ software that the 'Your Mac is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups promote, we suggest that you take care of its removal as soon as possible by using a trustworthy and up-to-date Mac security product.