Posted: March 20, 2013

Mal/EncPk-ACE Description

Mal/EncPk-ACE aka DarkSeoul is a backdoor Trojan that's notable for disabling the Windows operating system, replacing the normal startup sequence with a hacker team's banner prominently for the duration of the attack. Mal/EncPk-ACE, as indicated by its nickname, achieved brief infamy during a recent attack against various South Korean banks and TV broadcast networks, all of which were targeted at the same time. However, if removed properly, Mal/EncPk-ACE hasn't been found to cause long term damage to your PC. Residents of countries other than South Korea are, at this time, considered unlikely prospective targets for Mal/EncPk-ACE, which is likely to conceal itself until designated times for its attacks arrive. Despite this, since Mal/EncPk-ACE is a danger to your PC's security, you should use anti-malware software to remove Mal/EncPk-ACE immediately after any suspected compromise of your PC associated with Mal/EncPk-ACE.

Mal/EncPk-ACE: Three Faces for One Kind of Problem

Mal/EncPk-ACE is a basic backdoor Trojan that uses IRC servers for the purpose of controlling any infected PCs. South Korea has, thus far, been the sole prominent target of Mal/EncPk-ACE attacks, with Mal/EncPk-ACE's commands resulting in Windows being disabled temporarily. Since Mal/EncPk-ACE has coordinated such attacks over diverse systems with precise timing, malware experts consider it probable that Mal/EncPk-ACE's attacks are set to occur at preset times or on another form of specific schedule, instead of being the result of organic instructions that at different intervals.

The attack that Mal/EncPk-ACE is most famous for abusing will display a three-skulled logo in combination with a brief text message that supposedly is from the 'WhoIs' hacker team while preventing you from accessing Windows. Current versions of Mal/EncPk-ACE haven't been confirmed to include other major functions, but as a backdoor Trojan, Mal/EncPk-ACE is likely to be configurable, to some extent, and may harm your PC in other ways besides blocking your OS. malware researchers particularly warn that Mal/EncPk-ACE infections are unlikely to display any symptoms immediately after their installation.

Keeping Mal/EncPk-ACE from Packing Your PC in a Box and Ditching the Key

Because its primary targets have been South Korean in origin, some sources have speculated on the possibility of Mal/EncPk-ACE being the result of government-sanctioned sabotage from North Korea, but PC security experts have been quick to note that Mal/EncPk-ACE lacks the sophistication of probable government-sponsored Trojans like Flame. Companies in South Korea should be considered at risk for Mal/EncPk-ACE attacks, and Internet Service Providers, in particular, should consider themselves likely targets (due to the reported hacking of LG U+ that most likely is linked to Mal/EncPk-ACE's attacks).

Backdoor Trojans of any stripe, including Mal/EncPk-ACE, usually are configurable for performing various attacks and will resist being uninstalled by standard methods. To detect and delete Mal/EncPk-ACE safely, malware researchers recommend using good anti-malware applications on a regular basis. Waiting for the appearance of Mal/EncPk-ACE's death's head trio on your screen is both unnecessary and non-commendable for the sake of your PC's security.

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