Posted: June 26, 2012

Mal/EncPk-NS Description

Mal/EncPk-NS is a Trojan that's distributed via spam e-mail messages, with message templates including such frauds as fake pornographic pictures and fake threats of legal action. Although a full analysis of Mal/EncPk-NS remains forthcoming, Mal/EncPk-NS has a high probability of installing other PC threats, modifying your security settings in negative ways, stealing personal information or allowing your PC to be controlled from a remote C&C server. Because malware research team has found that Mal/EncPk-NS is usually distributed in the form of a file attachment, scanning files prior to downloading them can help to protect your PC from both Mal/EncPk-NS and similar Trojans (such as Troj/Zbot-CCH).

When Trojan Attacks are the Only Things That Saucy Pics Have to Show You

As a Trojan with readily-identifiable functions, Mal/EncPk-NS has been detectable by generic (or heuristic) detection methods for years, although recent attacks that are specifically attributable to Mal/EncPk-NS have been seen only in 2012. These 2012 attacks take the form of e-mail messages that use a variety of pretenses to lure you into installing Mal/EncPk-NS willingly, such as:

  • Fake legal action notices:

    The police investigation is under way now. You'll be really sorry about what you have done.

  • Fake warnings about supposed privacy invasion, account break-ins and theft of personal information (including pictures) on your part:

    Lets put this behind us once and for all I know you broke into my email.

  • Fake nude photographs of lovers:

    Sorry to disturb you
    Someone sent me thee pictures they seem to be from you and your boyfriend I'm really troubled by this why do you send your private naked photos around?? this is beyound my understanding. It's in attachment

Although these e-mails use embarrassment and fear as heavy emotional incentives to make you open their file attachments, simply scanning their files prior to opening them should allow you to avoid a Mal/EncPk-NS infection with ease. malware researchers also note that Mal/EncPk-NS variants have been found to have variable file sizes, from 200K to over 600K. There is also a high likelihood of these .exe files being mislabeled (so that they appear to be archive or image files).

Post-Recovery from Falling for Mal/EncPk-NS's Photographic Lure

While Mal/EncPk-NS hasn't been reported to display obvious symptoms, malware analysts have found the following surreptitious attacks to be likely for e-mail-distributed Trojans like Mal/EncPk-NS:

  • Altered security settings that cause your PC to be unusually vulnerable to other attacks. This can include open network ports, disabled browser security settings or Windows Registry changes to allow Mal/EncPk-NS to launch itself automatically.
  • The installation of other PC threats that Mal/EncPk-NS places on your computer without your permission. Common payloads for PC threats like Mal/EncPk-NS can be fake security programs, browser hijackers or spyware that steal account login-related data.
  • Blocked security programs; Windows Task Manager, anti-virus scanners and firewall tools are all commonly-blocked programs. You may also experience fake pop-ups that announce that these programs are infected or damaged.

Because Mal/EncPk-NS may also have other forms of hostile software working alongside Mal/EncPk-NS, malware researchers stimulate you to scan your PC as carefully as possible to remove Mal/EncPk-NS and its payload effectively.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

If you are concerned that malware or PC threats similar to Mal/EncPk-NS may have infected your computer, we recommend you start an in-depth system scan with SpyHunter. SpyHunter is an advanced malware protection and remediation application that offers subscribers a comprehensive method for protecting PCs from malware, in addition to providing one-on-one technical support service.

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