Posted: March 27, 2012

Mal/Iframe-AE Description

Mal/Iframe-AE is a malicious HTML that exploits IFrame-based vulnerabilities to attack your PC. Common distribution mechanisms for Mal/Iframe-AE involve fraudulent e-mail messages that portray themselves as tax appeal rejections from the Internal Revenue Service (the taxation branch of the United States government). Because PC threats like Mal/Iframe-AE are typically used to initiate the installation of additional forms of harmful software or create serious security vulnerabilities on your computer, malware analysts recommend treating any Mal/Iframe-AE infection as a potentially severe danger until Mal/Iframe-AE is dealt with by appropriate security software. Since Mal/Iframe-AE's spam e-mail requires you to download and launch the HTML file attachment willingly, basic precautions around suspicious e-mail files should allow you to defend your computer against possible Mal/Iframe-AE attacks.

Mal/Iframe-AE – the IRS Notice That You Need to Worry About for Unusual Reasons

Although a Mal/Iframe-AE e-mail may cause you to worry over the state of your finances, Mal/Iframe-AE messages should only be a concern with respect to the harm that they can cause your PC with their file attachment. Mal/Iframe-AE spam is noted for the following message template, which is easily identifiable as fraudulent (since the real IRS will never ask you to open an e-mailed file attachment):

Subject: Rejection of your tax appeal.
Subject: IRS notification of your tax appeal status.
Subject: Your tax return appeal is declined.

Dear Business owner,
Hereby you are notified that your Income Tax Refund Appeal id#6636527 has been DECLINED. If you believe the IRS did not properly estimate your case due to a misunderstanding of the facts, be prepared to provide additional information. You can obtain the rejection details and re-submit your appeal by using the instructions in the attachment.

Internal Revenue Service

As an imposter of a government organization, any Mal/Iframe-AE e-mail can be ignored and deleted in perfect safety, and malware experts recommend this course of action if your spam filter fails to filter out Mal/Iframe-AE-carrying e-mail messages. Because Mal/Iframe-AE file attachments can only harm your PC once they're downloaded and opened, basic precautions around your virtual mailbox are an effective deterrent against Mal/Iframe-AE attacks.

Don't Let Mal/Iframe-AE Rough Your PC Up with Its Fake Audit

While symptoms of a successful Mal/Iframe-AE attack may be sparse, good anti-malware programs can identify and delete Mal/Iframe-AE before Mal/Iframe-AE can harm your computer. Common risks that malware analysts have found to be associated with Mal/Iframe-AE and similar IFrame-based exploits include:

  • Changes to your system settings that reduce your computer's security (by bypassing your firewall, attacking your browser's security features, opening your network ports, etc.). Such attacks rarely show obvious symptoms since they can be accomplished by changing the Registry and other advanced Windows settings.
  • Installs other PC threats, such as backdoor or downloader Trojans, rootkits, spyware or worms automaticaly. Sometimes these PC threats will show visible symptoms of their attacks, which can include stealing personal information or allowing criminals to control your computer from a remote server.

Mal/Iframe-AE was identified in late February of 2012, and anti-malware program without recent database updates may be unable to detect or delete Mal/Iframe-AE. Additionally, malware researchers note that Mal/Iframe-AE is limited to attacking Windows, since its exploits are nonfunctional in other operating systems.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

If you are concerned that malware or PC threats similar to Mal/Iframe-AE may have infected your computer, we recommend you start an in-depth system scan with SpyHunter. SpyHunter is an advanced malware protection and remediation application that offers subscribers a comprehensive method for protecting PCs from malware, in addition to providing one-on-one technical support service.

Download SpyHunter's Malware Scanner

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