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Posted: October 14, 2011

Marveloussearchsystem.com Screenshot 1Marveloussearchsystem.com is a fake search engine site that grabs traffic from other search engines by using variants of the Google Redirect Virus. SpywareRemove.com malware analysts have also noticed Marveloussearchsystem.com-affiliated browser hijackers redirecting web browsers to other forms of malicious search engine sites, such as admirablesearchsystem.com, classysearchserver.com, coolsearchserver.com, Wickedsearchsystem.com, raresearchsystem.com and other CC Search websites. Marveloussearchsystem.com and related sites will fail to provide meaningful search results and may even redirect you to hostile websites, and you should strive to minimize any contact with Marveloussearchsystem.com and affiliated online destinations. If your PC has been infected by a Marveloussearchsystem.com browser hijacker, use a high-quality Trojan-removal program to banish Marveloussearchsystem.com from your PC and return your search results back to normal.

Marveloussearchsystem.com – a Marvel of Search Query Interference

Marveloussearchsystem.com browser hijackers use the same basic methodology as Google Redirect Hijacker infections, Google Redirect Virus infections and Redirecting Google Searchers infections – they wait until you try to use a search engine-related website and then redirect you to Marveloussearchsystem.com. SpywareRemove.com malware experts have found that these redirects are most likely to occur when you try to click on a search result link, although they may occur at other times, as well. Although your destination's URL may still be correct, the actual website will be an unrelated advertisement or e-commerce website that funnels affiliate revenue towards Marveloussearchsystem.com. You may also notice a small 'waiting for marveloussearchsystem.com' loading bar.

If you're unable to prevent a Marveloussearchsystem.com browser hijacker from loading (for instance, by rebooting into Safe Mode), then you should still be able to access any necessary websites by typing the URL directly into the navigation bar, instead of clicking on the search engine link. However, if you haven't taken additional steps to stop Marveloussearchsystem.com's browser hijacker from triggering, you may be redirected to Marveloussearchsystem.com or other websites at random intervals, as well.

Putting Your Foot Down to Marveloussearchsystem.com in Every Browser

SpywareRemove.com malware research team has found that Marveloussearchsystem.com browser hijackers are capable of attacking most versions of Windows, even Windows 7, and are able to attack all widely-used browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Removing Marveloussearchsystem.com's browser hijacker isn't a browser-specific process, and as such, the best way you can delete a Marveloussearchsystem.com infection is to scan your entire PC with a competent anti-malware program.

Although Google is the most widely-targeted Marveloussearchsystem.com browser hijacker victim, other sites may also be attacked by a Marveloussearchsystem.com infection, such as Bing or Yahoo Search. If you suspect that a Marveloussearchsystem.com browser hijacker is on your computer, you should pay attention to any unusual links that you see while you're browsing through search results and try to avoid even minor contact with Marveloussearchsystem.com-affiliated sites. Marveloussearchsystem.com and related websites can be a source of infection through fake system scanners and drive-by-download scripts, even if you don't download anything of your own free will.

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