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Ads By MediaAds

Posted: July 7, 2014

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 8/10
Infected PCs: 5
First Seen: July 7, 2014
Last Seen: December 5, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Ads By MediaAds is an adware application that could be installed through loading various freeware programs or bundled software apps from the internet. Once this has taken place, the Ads By MediaAds pop-ups are apt to be displayed at random where clicking on them could redirect your web browser to various unwanted or questionable pages. Through Ads By MediaAds your web browser application may have reduced performance preventing normal usage when surfing the internet in some situations. Other various files and add-on components may be loaded with Ads By MediaAds, which are to be removed to alleviate the issues that come with Ads By MediaAds. Through the removal process an updated antispyware tool may be required to find all related files and have them removed.