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Media Converter Pro Promos

Posted: July 16, 2020

Paid ads are a very profitable business, and it is not a surprise that many individuals rely on misleading or fake browser extensions to deliver ads to the Web browsers of random users. Such add-ons are not considered to be dangerous, but their presence is usually accompanied by annoying side effects such as seeing unwanted ads, or experiencing random redirects to unknown websites. One Google Chrome extension that partakes in such activity is Media Converter Pro Promos – it poses as a useful video conversion tool, but its true purpose is to inject ads in the websites you browse.

The advertising techniques that Media Converter Pro Promos uses can be very intrusive, and users may often be taken to random websites that host fake surveys, or online scams. Needless to say, you should try to eliminate such behavior as soon as possible.

To remove the Media Converter Pro Promos from your computer, you should use a suitable PC security tool, which can guarantee the full extermination of this software's components.