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Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus

Posted: November 8, 2011

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 10/10
Infected PCs: 89
First Seen: September 3, 2012
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus Screenshot 1The Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus is a spinoff of the Ukash Virus family that, like Police Central e-crime Unit (PCEU) ransomware, the Scotland Yards Ukash Virus, West Yorkshire Ransomware and ' The Great Britain Police Central e-crime Unit' Ransomware, displays fake pop-up alerts that are specific to the United Kingdom. The Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus's con begins with a ' title="Remove METROPOLITAN POLIC Attention Illegal activity was revealed">METROPOLITAN POLICE' Attention! Illegal activity was revealed! alert, and continues by locking your PC until you pay a fine by either Ukash or Paysafecard. Since all ransomware Trojans from the prolific Ukash Virus family, including Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus, are incapable of detecting online crimes and have no real ties to law enforcement, you should treat a Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus's pop-up as a symptom of infection and disinfect your PC appropriately with the anti-malware scanner of your choice. Additional steps may also be necessary before you can launch Windows without the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus blocking other programs, although this shouldn't be taken as an indication that you should ever pay its fake legal fine.

Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus – When the Law Knocks on Your Door without Rhyme or Reason

As another Europe-favoring variant of the Ukash Virus, the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus displays behavior that's identical to other members of its family, with the exception of a different pop-up alert to use in its fearmongering ransom. Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus's pop-up of choice uses the official emblem of UK's Metropolitan Police alongside a display of your IP address and other forms of mild personal information that the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus gathers from your PC during the course of its infection. Even though this official-looking pop-up alert claims that your PC is locked due to violation of pornography-trafficking laws with a side helping of spambot infection, these accusations have nothing to do with reality, and SpywareRemove.com malware researchers hasten to stress that Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus is a completely illegal Trojan that can't detect any of the above issues.

The only reason the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus displays this threatening message to you in the first place is to frighten you into coughing up a money transfer through Paysafecard or Ukash, but this isn't necessary to enact the Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus's removal, and your PC will not suffer any type of harm from ignoring a Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus's fraudulent warnings.

Sending a Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus's Blockade Tumbling Down to Earth

The primary obstacle to deleting any Ukash Virus variant like Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus is the fact that its pop-up alert will block you from accessing other programs or even the primary Windows interface. In spite of this issue, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers have reported that quality anti-malware products can remove Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus and its relatives easily once the initial start process is averted.

Easy methods for stopping Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus before Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus can launch itself include, (but, it should be noted, aren't limited to):

  • Rebooting your PC and tapping F8 before Windows loads. This will lead to a menu were you may choose Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking, as is preferable, to launch Windows while also
  • Loading an OS on a removable media device, such as a USB drive, and launching your PC's operating system from the device.

Some other examples of close relatives of Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus that target other countries include Athens Security Prosecution of Electronic Crime Ransomware, the Polícia de Segurança Pública Portuguese Virus and the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia Virus for Greece, Portugal and Spain, respectively. It should also be noted that Ukash Virus family-based ransomware Trojans aren't actual viruses – their colloquial names aren't indicative of their having any ability to infect other files in a broad manner.

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