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'Microsoft detected an unsolveable Therat' Locker

Posted: November 21, 2018

The 'Microsoft detected an unsolveable Therat' Locker is a basic tactic, which takes advantage of a fraudulent executable file that is programmed to display a screen locker filled with all sorts of fake information. It is likely that the locker in question might be spread via pirated software or fake downloads since it is unlikely that a more sophisticated propagation technique will be used for a low-quality threat like this one.

When the 'Microsoft detected an unsolveable Therat' Locker is launched on a PC, it might display a new window immediately, which states that ‘Your Windows Has Been Banned’ – a common tactic that has been modified numerous times by various cybercriminals. In addition to this, the locker will display a snippet of text which reads:

‘Your Windows Has Been Banned And Microsoft detected an unsolveable Therat and This Therat Can Result A Great Loss to your Computer and its been violated the Terms Of Microsoft Microsoft Will Not Be responsible for any kind of bans

Your Pc Has Been Banned, So you cant access your PC right now and tis very much bad for you.We have Covered you with 2 options.
1. Install a new windows
2. Verify The Windows

The Choice is Yours, If you Choose the number 1.Then We are going to Delete All of your files From computer and we are going to ban you form your computer. And the 2nd refers if you Want Your files back click the bellow button (Solution) and you need to pay 300$ the microsoft tech assistant and he will give a code then you can get your files back.’

The criminals also had provided a contact email, which should be used to get in touch with them and receive payment instructions – mr.hakancamcioglu@gmail.com. The last bit of the screen locker contains a field to enter the verification code.

Thankfully, the information that the 'Microsoft detected an unsolveable Therat' Locker supplies is fake, and there is nothing wrong with your computer apart from the pesky screen locker that is annoying you. The good news is that the so-called verification code is the same for all victims, and you can simply enter ‘hardcoreTR’ to restore access to your computer. Please make sure to run a trustworthy anti-virus scanner as soon as the screen locker has been disabled since you must ensure the full removal of its files.