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'Microsoft Help Desk Tech Support' Scam

Posted: December 5, 2016

The 'Microsoft Help Desk Tech Support' scam is associated with a corrupted Windows executable file whose purpose is to lock a user's desktop by displaying a fake Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) that can't be closed without following the on-screen instructions. The BSOD is well-designed and the text it displays warns users that system drivers have crashed and there's a problem with the Windows file 'gv3.sys.' The BSOD acts as if it is very helpful, as it instructs users to call 888-828-6971 to get in touch with their computer's administrator who'll help them to resolve the problem and restore their computers' normal operational state.

The phone number 888-828-6971 is not linked to a reputable provider of technical support services, and it is likely to be part of an elaborate tactic that works by tricking users into thinking that there is something wrong with their computer's configuration and health. These tactics may often aim to collect all sorts of information from users – Windows licenses, personal information, payment details, etc. However, in most cases, the con artists simply trick users into paying staggering amounts of money for low-quality software or unreliable technical support services.

Another peculiar thing about the 'Microsoft Help Desk Tech Support' scam is that the pop-up it displays is clickable, and clicking on it leads users to the page hxxp://fastsupport.com, which appears to offer paid technical support services. There's no information whether the tactic and the website are related, but it is likely that there is something that connects them.

Users whose computers experience is being disrupted by the fake BSOD linked to the 'Microsoft Help Desk Tech Support' scam should install and run an anti-malware software suite immediately. Since different executable files may be used to run the 'Microsoft Help Desk Tech Support' scam, it would be tough to identify and delete the files causing the issue manually. However, a good anti-malware scanner should be able to pick up the suspicious components and allow the user to get rid of all of them in a matter of minutes, therefore putting an end to the 'Microsoft Help Desk Tech Support' scam's attempts to trick users into paying for low-quality software or services.

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