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'microsoftxyber@hackindex.com' Screen Locker

Posted: November 19, 2018

The 'microsoftxyber@hackindex.com' Screen Locker is a harmful tool used in a basic tactic, which attempts to lure users into thinking that their Windows operating system has been banned due to the use of a fake activation code. The criminals state that they are part of the Microsoft organization and the tool is used to hunt down pirated Windows installations, as well as to encrypt the files of their users. The good news is that none of their statements are true, and there is nothing to worry about if you see the 'microsoftxyber@hackindex.com' Screen Locker on your computer. Although it’s threats can be rather worrying, you can rest assured that it is incapable of causing any harm apart from stressing you out.

The fraudsters offer their victims to pay for a new activation key, which will cost them $200. Unsurprisingly, they have chosen to use a very amateur payment method when it comes to online tactics – PayPal. You can be sure that no reputable company will ask you to PayPal them money for an activation key, especially if the company is a major name like Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft also would not use a random email service like the ones used by the con artists - microsoftxyber@hackindex.com.

The good news is that the 'microsoftxyber@hackindex.com' Screen Locker uses a hard-coded key, which can be entered to terminate the program and restore access to Windows – 30264410. Do not forget that stopping the 'microsoftxyber@hackindex.com' Screen Locker is only a partial solution, and it is still recommended to run a trustworthy anti-virus program that will ensure the full removal of the 'microsoftxyber@hackindex.com' Screen Locker’s files.