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Posted: December 3, 2013

Mkd.fastdist.net is a Web domain that sometimes is exploited to deliver unwanted advertisements and other content through pop-up attacks. Many pop-up attacks only are the after-effect of minor adware issues that often are the result of installing free software bundles from untrustworthy download networks or websites. However, reappearing Mkd.fastdist.net pop-ups also have the potential to be a side effect of an infection. To figure out which of these descriptions applies to any given case of Mkd.fastdist.net pop-up problems, malware experts recommend using anti-malware tools to scan your PC for isolating and, ultimately, removing the software that's responsible for it all.

The Content Distributor that's a Little Too Fast for You

Not all servers are intended to be loaded directly into your browser without any other instructions; many are devoted to delivering advertisements and other content that only appears under the appropriate circumstances. Mkd.fastdist.net is a case in point of just such a domain, where visiting Mkd.fastdist.net isn't threatening, despite its history of being connected to pop-up attacks. Some PC security institutions have detected evidence of Mkd.fastdist.net being exploited to distribute unsafe content, which makes Mkd.fastdist.net pop-ups more of a security concern than a pop-up normally would be.

Common attacks that may use pop-ups like Mkd.fastdist.net's own include exploit kits that try to install damaging software through vulnerabilities, as well as fraudulent marketing offers (for fake system cleaners, as an example) and private information-stealing phishing attempts. However, not all Mkd.fastdist.net pop-ups necessarily are malignant, and it's recommended that you let anti-malware tools determine whether or not your PC has been compromised after any contact with Mkd.fastdist.net.

Malware researchers haven't identified specific toolbars or other browser add-ons linked with the recent Mkd.fastdist.net pop-up campaign. This may indicate that Mkd.fastdist.net pop-ups are being loaded by other types of hidden threats, which will be installed through disguises such as media player updates.

Taking Your Browser out of the Mkd.fastdist.net Pop-Up Track

With all the possible sources of Mkd.fastdist.net pop-ups still being investigated, general browser security procedures are all that can be recommended for keeping your PC from falling victim to this latest adware-like pop-up spree. Updating your software to reduce exploitable vulnerabilities, disabling potentially harmful content like JavaScript, eschewing sites with histories of installing browser-changing add-ons and using overall strong browser safety features are some of the things malware analysts always would recommend. Since Mkd.fastdist.net has been found to distribute potentially toxic content in a minority of cases, any encounters with Mkd.fastdist.net pop-ups should be followed by immediate anti-malware scans of your PC, for safety's sake.

Most types of PC threats that specialize in loading pop-ups for Mkd.fastdist.net and any number of other sites also tend to cause other changes in your browser. You may expect such extra problems as homepage hijacks, redirected Web searches, injected advertisement links and poor browser performance in many, if not all cases. Removing these side effects should be relatively automatic, as long as you remove the relevant PC threat with a competent anti-malware product.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

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