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Multi-Rogue XP Total Security

Posted: January 2, 2013

Multi-Rogue XP Total Security is a sub-classification for rogue anti-spyware members from the FakeRean family that specialize in infecting Windows XP-based PCs. However, according to previous research by SpywareRemove.com malware experts, other versions of Windows also are at risk of FakeRean attacks from variants that are, in turn, specialized for either Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Members of the Multi-Rogue XP Total Security group of scamware create fake malware warnings and scans that are full of inaccurate results, which never detect real infections or problems with your computer. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers especially recommend against buying any individual member of Multi-Rogue XP Total Security and urge you to use a reputable brand of anti-malware product to remove your variant of Multi-Rogue XP Total Security as quickly as it can be done.

The Profitable Figment that Multi-Rogue XP Total Security Wants You to Believe

Multi-Rogue XP Total Security may come in any of several brand names, with current members including XP Total Security, XP Total Security 2011, XP Total Security 2012, XP Total Security 2013, XP Total Security Plus 2013 and, finally, XP Total Security Pro 2013. Individual members of Multi-Rogue XP Total Security, like most variants of the FakeRean scamware, don't display different functions and can be considered identically malicious to each other. Trojan droppers, malicious website exploits like Blacole and spam links all have been found to distribute members of the Multi-Rogue XP Total Security family.

After it infects your PC, your given variant of Multi-Rogue XP Total Security will display a range of different fake security alerts, along with system scans. However, SpywareRemove.com malware analysts have long since verified that these security features don't have any capability to detect or remove real PC threats. Instead, they're used to display inaccurate system information to imply that your PC is being attacked by large quantities of high-level threats – particularly different types of spyware (malware that steals confidential information).

Multi-Rogue XP Total Security pretends to detect these problems for free, but if you try to use Multi-Rogue XP Total Security to remove them, Multi-Rogue XP Total Security will display a fake software purchase page. Of course, SpywareRemove.com malware research team strongly recommends against wasting money on Multi-Rogue XP Total Security or any other FakeRean-based software. Nonetheless, registering Multi-Rogue XP Total Security with one of the various freely-distributed registration codes can be considered helpful (albeit not mandatory) for removing Multi-Rogue XP Total Security easily.

The Problems That Multi-Rogue XP Total Security Can Distract You from By Warning You About Imaginary Ones

Besides its litany of fake security alerts, Multi-Rogue XP Total Security also may indulge in other attacks against your PC that aren't related to its fake security features. SpywareRemove malware research team has defined the most likely and worrisome of these attacks in the below list:

  • Multi-Rogue XP Total Security may attempt to block any EXE (program executable) file by monitoring when you try to access that file type.
  • Multi-Rogue XP Total Security may block your ability to access a website and then lead you to a fake error page (this error page also may promote Multi-Rogue XP Total Security or other FakeRean variants). This attack has been verified to be compatible with all major web browsers. Besides that, Multi-Rogue XP Total Security also may disable your browser's security features via Registry attacks.
  • Multi-Rogue XP Total Security may alter the Registry to disable a number of Windows security features, such as Windows Update or Security Center. Additional programs may be terminated automatically once Multi-Rogue XP Total Security detects their memory processes.

All of these side functions make Multi-Rogue XP Total Security a very genuine danger to your computer, as well as a simple scam. However, appropriate removal of Multi-Rogue XP Total Security with strong anti-malware software should prevent Multi-Rogue XP Total Security from causing any extensive damage to your PC.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

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