Posted: October 26, 2017 is a dubious search engine whose landing page leads users to a search field accompanied by a collection of icons that link to popular websites and online services. Usually, PC users don't use random websites they found on the Internet as their homepage or new tab page and, instead, they stick to using reputable search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing – mainly because they are associated with major names in the software field, and it is certain that they will always function in a reliable manner. On the opposite side, we have – a website that appears to be very functional, but it also seems to be linked to dubious browser extensions whose sole purpose is to modify the browser's configuration by setting as the browser's default new tab page. While software that performs changes of this sort is not considered to be unsafe, it is clear that its installation might be a rather annoying thing to experience since no one wants to have their browser's configuration modified by an unknown 3rd-party application.

It seems that the authors of are also behind other websites that share the same features and design, but use different names – such is the case with Keep in mind that the browser add-ons meant to promote these websites are likely to be advertised as browser-enhancing utilities that can introduce users to a broad range of handy tools and browser utilities. While the collection of links that hosts might indeed be helpful, you should keep in mind that the browser add-ons related to this page have been classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), and any trustworthy anti-virus software suite will recommend their removal.

If you had your browser's new tab or homepage replaced with recently, then you might want to run a suitable PC security scanner that will check your computer for intrusive software that might have brought While the removal of these add-ons is not mandatory, it is recommended to do it since this is a quick way to get your browser's settings back to normal and remove

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