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Posted: July 12, 2016

NewsCrawler.com is an unpopular and not so reliable website that you can use to find news and updates regarding a broad range of subjects. This page doesn't look as if it is associated with any suspicious behavior, but this doesn't apply to one of its sub-domains that is used to host a low-quality search engine found at Search.newscrawler.com. This dubious search engine may use a browser hijacker to force random Internet users to open it, and people who install this browser hijacker may accept to have their Web browser's settings changed so that they'll see Search.newscrawler.com whenever they launch their Web browser. The Search.newscrawler.com browser hijacker may be found in low-quality software bundles that may rely on misleading tricks and installation instructions to confuse users and get them to install unnecessary 3rd-party applications. However, even if you install the Search.newscrawler.com browser hijacker, your computer will not be in danger. Search.newscrawler.com isn't threatening, but it may annoy you by tampering with your Web browser's settings and changing your homepage to search.newscrawler.com constantly. Because of the stubbornness of browser hijackers, the only sure way to deal with them is to use a reliable anti-malware scanner to fully remove the browser hijacker from your computer. Keep in mind that you may need to revert your Web browser's settings manually as soon as the hijacker is removed successfully.