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‘One Question Site Survey’ Message

Posted: January 22, 2015

The 'One Question Site Survey' message is an injected survey (similar to the advertisements provided by adware) that may coincide with other injected content or attempt to track your browser habits. While a 'One Question Site Survey' message sometimes may appear as part of a site's native format, the 'One Question Site Survey' message may be encountered by the browser modifications of Potentially Unwanted Programs, such as toolbars. Installing any software from unsafe sources without scanning their installers may be an easy way to provoke repeated cases of a 'One Question Site Survey' message. As always, this content should be eliminated by scanning your PC with anti-adware and anti-malware tools.

The Unfamiliar Surveys that Come with Familiar Sites

The 'One Question Site Survey' message is a byproduct of the advertising tracking services provided by Vizu.com. Vizu.com is a non-threatening site whose worst crime appears to be a somewhat dubious policy on information privacy. However, this site also leaves unmentioned the fact that many of its surveys, advertisements and other affiliated partnerships enjoy promotion by PUPs that may install themselves without appropriate consent from the PC's users.

Symptoms of adware or another confirmed PUP associated with Vizu.com so far limit themselves to injected content, such as the 'One Question Site Survey' message, which focuses on tracking online shopping habits. Most instances of 'One Question Site Survey' message include labels of being provided by Vizu.com, although the software responsible for the injected content may not identify itself. A 'One Question Site Survey' message also may instigate problems with accessing a website's default content and interface, which may be blocked by its survey. In other scenarios, a 'One Question Site Survey' message merely may replace the native advertisement content on the Web page, which may deprive the website of its natural advertising revenue.

The PUPs that are promoting 'One Question Site Survey' message rarely inject the 'One Question Site Survey' message into all Web pages indiscriminately. Instead, an injected 'One Question Site Survey' message may appear on specific Web pages, such as forums for LinkedIn.com or ArsTechnica.com. These symptoms could lead some PC users to assume, inaccurately, that the 'One Question Site Survey' message is a problem with the site, rather than a Potentially Unwanted Program installed on their computer.

Answering the One, Relevant Question: How to Be Rid of the 'One Question Site Survey' Message

As usual, competent security software should be able to identify the bundled installation platforms of a 'One Question Site Survey' message's PUPs. As long as you scan files from untrustworthy sources before launching them, you should be able to identify adware and other PUPs prior to any installation and corresponding changes to your browsing experience. Malware researchers have yet to confirm which bundles are responsible for the presentation of 'One Question Site Survey' message-related symptoms, although freeware sites tend to be the most popular culprits.

If you do see a recurring 'One Question Site Survey' message, you should assume that your PC may be compromised by a PUP or even a threat. Scanning your PC with suitable security applications should identify and remove all software changes related to your 'One Question Site Survey' message, without necessitating any manual changes to your browser's settings.