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Posted: June 2, 2016

PCBackup360 may not be a reliable application that can help you keep a backup of your hard drives. PCBackup360 is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP that may cause a variety of problems. PCBackup360 may enter unnoticed, modify your Web clients automatically and charge you for its license, although PCBackup360 may not offer reliable features. The official site of this suspicious software is Pcbackup360.com, but it doesn't host PCBackup360. You cannot use this page to download PCBackup360. Its function is only to display the 'Privacy Policy' and the 'Terms & Conditions' so that users cannot have any claims against its performance. PCBackup360 relies mainly on the bundling delivery strategy to get access to the computer without the knowledge of its user. PCBackup360 may arrive together with third-party freeware, but if you use the 'Advanced' installation menu, you can uncheck it in advance. Once the suspicious backup provider gets access, PCBackup360 may bombard your browsers with messages asking you to upgrade. The pop-ups may be very annoying. Unless you agree to pay for the premium features, they may appear all the time. PCBackup360 may create an extension in all Web clients, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The PUP offers three different paid plans, costing from $49.95 to $107.95 per year. Since you may receive nothing in exchange for your money, it is not advisable to pay. Moreover, there are various security reasons not to upgrade. PCBackup360 asks you to register on its site. The form that you are encouraged to fill contains various details regarding your credit/debit card. If you type its number, your full name, the CVV code and the expiration date, you may become a victim of hoaxes. The developers of this PUP are responsible for the creation of other similar programs like PCBackupWizzard and Speedchecker PC Speed Up. They all promise seemingly nice features but don't fulfill them in reality. PCBackup360 doesn't appear in the Control Panel, so you may be unable to delete it on your own. The experts encourage you to use dedicated security software for the task.