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PC Cleaner Pro 2018

Posted: April 20, 2018

The PC Cleaner Pro 2018 is a utility, which you might encounter in various online advertisements, which tell you that this tool is capable of improving your computer's performance and stability by getting rid of commonly-encountered Windows issues. In addition to its ability to fix problems, the PC Cleaner Pro 2018 also claims to optimize the Windows Registry, clean junk files, and apply other fixes, which will give a significant boost to your computer's performance immediately. While it is true that the PC Cleaner Pro 2018 possesses the ability to solve certain minor issues, you can rest assured that this software suite is not as useful as the advertisements claim it to be. Another reason why we would advise our readers to stay away from the PC Cleaner Pro 2018 is that this application will not provide you with its full set of features unless you opt to pay for a premium license. The free, trial version of the PC Cleaner Pro 2018, is not able to apply any fixes and optimizations, and its users will only be able to run a scan to generate a report, which consists of recommended fixes.

Paying for the PC Cleaner Pro 2018 might not seem like a terrible idea, but we would not say that this tool's features justify its price. There are plenty of free-to-use PC optimization applications that can do better than the PC Cleaner Pro 2018 without asking you to spend money. Another issue with the PC Cleaner Pro 2018 is the fact that it has been classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by numerous anti-virus product vendors, and their security products recommend the removal of the PC Cleaner Pro 2018.

If you have installed the PC Cleaner Pro 2018 and you do not plan on purchasing a premium license, then we suggest that you take the required steps to uninstall this program and prevent it from displaying regular notifications and reminders that your computer has not been optimized yet. The removal of the PC Cleaner Pro 2018 can be completed manually, but the better choice is to run an up-to-date PC security tool which can ensure the full removal of this PUP's files.