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‘Pcfixing4.info’ Pop-Up

Posted: June 15, 2015

The 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up is an online tactic that presents inaccurate information about your computer to force you into contact with a con artist. These attacks, also known as phishing, may encourage their victims to divulge information or modify their system settings in unsafe ways. Anti-malware tools with Web-surfing protection can block threatening content from Pcfixing4.info, while malware analysts suggest using proactive system scans to remove the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up attacks that reoccur regularly.

The Lead-In from PC Fixing to Money Thieving

The 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up is an attack highly similar to past technical support tactics like the 'Your computer Has Adware/Spyware Virus' Pop-Up. The 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up may occur in any Web browser although malware analysts saw recent attacks exploiting Chrome and Internet Explorer while eschewing other browsers. The latest distribution of threatening software promoting the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up was verified as recently as early June 2015, making the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up a current threat. However, the associated site, Pcfixing4.info, has been registered beginning from the last month of 2014.

The 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up attack is a phishing attack that claims to have identified threatening activity on your computer, such as functions related to spyware or a virus. The 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up also mentions the common consequences of using a PC infected with spyware, with the implication that passwords, financial information and other, sensitive data is immediately at risk of being leaked. However, unlike a legitimate threat alert, the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up doesn't identify specific PC threats. While the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up claims to be delivered by the Windows Firewall, the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up uses an inappropriate alert format for that application and is completely unaffiliated with Microsoft.

Following the recommendation of the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up by calling its offered toll-free number puts the victim into contact with a third-party. Depending on your behavior and the fraudulent repair technician's demands, any further conversation may cause other security problems besides an infected PC generating the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-ups.

Pulling Yourself out of a 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up Fix

Malware analysts' latest scans of the Pcfixing4.info website failed to find any threatening content, such as exploit kits that could trigger automatically. However, any corrupted website should be blacklisted and avoided as much as possible, including all domains related to a 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up. PCs with protection from threats and Web-based threats can be assumed to be safe except when a 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up begins generating automatically or repeatedly.

Victims of a 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up should take any steps required to block fraudulent bank transactions or other attacks that could result from giving information to con artists. However, Web surfers canny enough to see the telltale symptoms of these phishing attacks should be at minimal risk of any security issues from a 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up attack. Removing a 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up that opens repeatedly can be done by uninstalling the threat responsible for the 'Pcfixing4.info' pop-up, which malware researchers, unsurprisingly, recommends doing with anti-malware products.