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Perfect PC Cleanup

Posted: October 2, 2018

The Perfect PC Cleanup is a system optimization utility offered by Longrun Software, a software publisher whose portfolio consists of other products, which claim to improve a computer’s performance – the Perfect PC Tweaker and the Perfect Registry Optimizer. While these software suites are indeed capable of applying certain optimizations and fixes to boost a computer’s performance, you should know that the effect is noticeable barely and you should not expect any miraculous changes when it comes to computer performance and stability.

Tools like the Perfect PC Cleanup often use a gimmicky trick to get more users to pay for the full version of the product. For starters, if you opt to download the Perfect PC Cleanup software suite for free, you will only be getting a trial version whose features are limited severely. In fact, the limitations are so harsh that the Perfect PC Cleanup is not able to perform any of the cleanup and optimization tasks it claims to be capable of. Instead, it only works as a scanning tool, which provides a report of all recommended optimizations, fixes and data clean up tasks. This is where the other gimmicky trick comes into work – the report might contain misleading results to make it more likely that the victim will consider paying for the full product.

We would advise you not to spend money on software suites like the Perfect PC Cleanup – this application does not have positive reviews and reputation, in addition to the fact that there are freeware PC cleanup utilities that can accomplish the same tasks free of charge. Do not forget that the Perfect PC Cleanup is not an unsafe program, but it has been classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Removing it is not mandatory, but it is the recommended thing to do if you do not want to pay for the full product.

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