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Posted: July 25, 2011

Personal-guard.com ScreenshotPersonal-guard.com is a malicious website that has been linked to trafficking in malicious programs or malware. You may be redirected to personal-guard.com after you've been infected with a browser hijacker that controls which websites your browser displays, although our SpywareRemove.com research team has also found that personal-guard.com exploits search engine algorithms to boost its search ranking in artificial ways. Since contact with personal-guard.com has been confirmed to result in Trojan or rogue software infections, it's strongly encouraged that you avoid personal-guard.com and scan your PC with an appropriate anti-virus application, if you've made accidental contact with personal-guard.com.

Threats to Ward Off When Personal-guard.com Attacks

Although personal-guard.com has seen recent changes of late, personal-guard.com is likely to be marketing the rogue security program Personal Guard, which is a similarly new PC threat that creates fake malware alerts. Alternately, personal-guard.com may be selling a Personal Guard clone known by the name of Identity Guard (which shouldn't be confused with the legitimate Identity Guard product from identityguard.com).

Such rogue security programs will do everything in their power to make you believe that your PC has been infected and that you should send money to personal-guard.com to get rid of these problems. However, all warnings that are created by personal-guard.com products involve imaginary infection, and allowing personal-guard.com rogue security programs to remain on your computer, may disable your legitimate security programs.

Personal-guard.com may also attack your computer directly by using drive-by-download scripts to install malicious software onto your PC, or by embedding an installation procedure into a fake system scanner. Never use an online scanner that isn't from a reputable source, and disable JavaScript and Flash to reduce, if not eliminate, the possibility of a drive-by-download attack infecting your PC.

If you've already purchased a personal-guard.com product before you became aware of its malware-distributing reputation, call your credit card company and have both the charges and the card itself canceled. Allowing your credit card to remain active and in personal-guard.com's possession will invite additional fraudulent charges.

The Extra Kick in the Personal-guard.com Mule That's Directed Straight at Your PC

Many rogue security software infections that are linked to personal-guard.com visits will also disable Safe Mode by deleting important Windows system information. Although trying to access Safe Mode in this situation will cause a crash, you can still use Safe Mode by restoring the relevant file data or by booting from an alternative source, such as a portable USB drive. Deleting personal-guard.com-related infections should use both Safe Mode and a good anti-malware program that should either be accessible.

Rogue security products may not be the only malicious program that personal-guard.com installs on your PC. Many infections, especially scamware or fake security product ones, are installed by Trojans such as Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert, and Zlob. Don't try to find or remove these alternate types of personal-guard.com infections by yourself, since the majority of them will hide their components in advanced locations and are best removed by appropriate security software.